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Let us warn you from the start: if you run an enterprise, it already may be under attack. It is estimated that the US occupies the honorable second position in the list of countries where most of the DDoS attacks take place — it’s roughly 21%.

It takes cyber-criminals merely 39 seconds to launch a new attack. And they combine both new and old tactics. Thus, phishing is complemented with cloud-computing vulnerabilities. Always evolving. Always changing.

Even though these attacks are unleashed against giants — Bitcoin.org, Steam, Etsy  NFL’s official website, and others — a smaller business isn’t any safer.

No matter what you run — an online boutique, website for a carpeting service or an educational platform — you’re also targeted by them.

Your online resource contains tons of valuable data: names, contacts, addresses, credit card info, money transaction history, and so forth. All of this data equals money to the e-villains.

Needless to say, that if your website lacks tight and reliable security, consequences can be truly disastrous:

  • Reputation. You might’ve invested years building your spotless reputation, and it will be gone in a puff of smoke. Clients will be simply scared to return afterward.
  • Money. Hackers can obtain access to your bank credentials and steal your money, as well vacuum-clean pockets of your clientele who leave their bank card info.
  • Time. It takes time to restore your website as well as fix other damages.

Luckily, you can avoid all that. We at E-Discovery specialize in preventing all types of cyber threats. 

Moreover, we can:

  • Fix the already existing security breaches.
  • Launch a full security audit of your company.
  • Test your digital environment to exclude possible threats.
  • Provide a comprehensive security solution and help maintain it. 

We can even assist you to conduct a corporate investigation in case you suspect an inside job, corporate espionage or feel unsure about certain job applicants and want to check their background. 

We at E-Discovery value convenience and well-being of both your company and your clientele above all else. 

Our all-inclusive approach, multi-layered security algorithms and fail-safe testing methods will close all breaches, backdoor and mole holes through, preventing unwanted guests from damaging that something, for which you work hard every day of your life.

Contact us now and we’ll find a 100% effective solution for you today!