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Secure SDLC

We’ll protect both your digital products & your customers

What is Secure SDLC?

SDLC stands for the secure development life cycle. With some technical mumbo-jumbo aside, SDLC is a timeline of a certain application: from early coding stages to complete deactivation in the end.

At the moment, there are various models of SDLC available:

  • Agile. It’s used to mitigate risks — bugs, glitches — with the help of agile development methodology.
  • Waterfall. A rigid step-by-step process; from planning an app on the paper to adding visual design and running it through QA.
  • DevOps. This model is focused on effective cooperation between various teams: coders, designers, testers, marketers, and so on.

And of course, there are more models to use. But none of them will be fruitful if you neglect security testing. And that’s we come into play.

Why do you need Secure SDLC?

SLDC helps you to avoid bugs, extra expenses, possible security breaches that might affect your end users, expired release deadlines, and so on.

For instance, it is estimated by IBM that a bug that you’ve found at the implementation stage can cost you 6 and even 15 times more to fix. Needless to say, the consequences of the delayed security check-up can be disastrous for your project and budget.

So, here’s what you get from introducing Secure SLDC:

  • Vulnerabilities will be detected earlier.
  • You will avoid exceeding your budget, making production less costly.
  • Your company will avoid risks  that it could otherwise face: negative feedback, etc.
  • Security systems will be added to the application, making your product safe-to-use.

And there are more benefits: the stakeholders will be aware that you provide maximum security, your reputation will be dramatically increased, and so forth.

How do we implement Secure SDLC?

It’s simple: we’ll provide Secure SDLC by integrating comprehensive security testing into your already-existing development process. And we can guarantee that it won’t affect your work schedule at all. But it’s preferable you call for help as early as possible.

Here’s what we do to make it happen:

  • Gap analysis. We examine policies/activities employed by your company and assess their effectiveness.
  • SSI. SSI stands for Software Security Initiatives. That means that we set clear goals for testing security of your software.
  • Tools. We employ such tools as dynamic analysis, Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST), and others.

And of course, we prepare for unforeseen circumstances. Like open-source security management

Odds are, your software’s DNA has a certain “dosage” of the open-source code. This can naturally lead to problems, so we utilize automated technologies to detect and remove potential problems.

Is Secure SDLC worth it?

It absolutely is. We can integrate Secure SDLC into your existing project smoothly.

As for the rest, let the numbers talk: detecting bugs in the early stages is worth approximately $80 per bug. In the production stage, the cost can be as much as several thousand dollars.

Apart from reduction threats, you will also deliver a high-quality product to the end-users. An application that has no exploitable vulnerabilities provides great chances for commercial success.

Contact us now, so we can make your product both cheap-to-make and safe-to-use. 

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