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Lie Detector

Defend yourself against deception

Why do you need Lie detector?

Recognizing a lie can be very difficult at times. Studying psychosomatics, physiology, body language, people have learned to hide the external manifestations of deception. But you cannot fool the nervous system – especially its vegetative part. It controls the heartbeat, respiration, skin resistance, vascular activity and other physiological parameters. Their function remains unchanged under any conditions and a person cannot consciously influence them. This property of the human body is used on a lie detector.

What is the procedure for passing a lie detector?

This procedure is performed using a polygraph. It is a special device that monitors and records the activity of the heart, electrical impulses, respiration during the test. The Polygrapher assesses the basic vital parameters and registers them on paper and in electronic form.

The basic principle of the polygraph is based on the fact that a lie causes a person’s emotional reaction. This is accompanied by measurable psychophysiological manifestations. For example, the stress caused by lying increases sweating and therefore the conductance of the skin. But there are no specific physiological reactions associated with lying.

Can you cheat a polygraph?

Specially trained people, such as the military, can control the reactions of their bodies. However, by doing this they will not deceive the detector, but will simply lie and fail the test. The device can recognize the internal effort that a person is making. In this case, the test on the detector will be interrupted.

The device does not recognize an obvious lie only if the person 100% believes in his or her words. Modern technologies make it easy to identify attempts to deceive the device.

How to prepare for the check?

It’s best to get a good night’s sleep before testing and not worry too much. Do not try to delve deeply into the questions, look for a dirty trick in them. Just answer them truthfully. If you are innocent and you have nothing to hide, then you have no reason to be afraid of verification.

Areas of application of the polygraph

The lie detector is used for investigations – to clarify the attitude to the committed event or to identify the reliability of witness testimony regarding the committed unlawful act). Also, the polygraph is often used in screening investigations – for preventive checks of employed citizens or already working personnel to identify risk factors, for example, alcohol abuse, debts and loans, theft, homosexuality, etc., that can negatively affect the activities of the company or official subdivisions.

How is testing done?

First, the subject is asked questions, the answers to which are known. This can be his date of birth, name, place of work. Such questions are needed to determine the normal reaction of a person. During the test, the state of the person is recorded both before and after the answer, and also during the answer to the question.

Only this approach can create a complete picture. Before testing, or as it is called a lie detector test, the polygraph examiner is obliged to conduct an explanatory conversation.

Who is contraindicated for testing?

Pregnancy, asthma, pain syndrome, mental or physical exhaustion, hypertension, and some other indicators may lead to refusal to be tested. Although the device does not cause pain and does not affect the tested physically at all, psychoemotional stress can provoke asthma or epilepsy attack. Polygraph testing is voluntary.

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