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Company’s Security Audit

We’ll help you learn if your business is protected enough

What is a Security Audit?

A security audit is an extensive check-up of your company’s IT environment. It is an important element of the risk-prevention strategy, as it helps to estimate how well your cybersecurity is organized and prepared.

Since the procedure is dubbed “audit”, it can be a surprise inspection of sorts. The element of surprise helps reveal weak spots and breaches in your company’s security, as well as see how well your personnel is prepared for a sudden crisis.  

Working with your staff is one of our main priorities during a security audit. We check both current and historical data on how your employees deal with security issues. 

It’s not just about monitoring the technical aspects of your cybersecurity. No, we also conduct thorough interviews to see if your staff are competent enough to meet the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) criteria.

Why is it important to your business?

A security audit is crucial if you value your reputation as well as your clientele’s safety. The major reasons “why” include:

  • Risk mitigation. Your digital environment — from the website to the database servers — are you main channels of staying in touch with clients and vendors. If your cybersecurity is compromised, your company will face major losses.
  • Alertness. E-criminals devise new tactics on how to breach your security and steal data all the time. A security audit stimulates the “immune system” of your company, introducing necessary changes and making you ready to face new threats at any time.
  • Guideline. Finally, a security audit will establish a solid cybersecurity foundation — it will keep you company going like a Swiss watch. And detecting, diagnosing and eliminating potential issues will be much easier in the future.

Needless to say, a strong and resistant security system will reflect on your company’s image. Customers would never be delighted to know that their personal data can be stolen, manipulated or sold. So, if you value their convenience and want your business to be a risk-free deal — such an audit is a total must.

What can E-Discovery do for you?

While you can assign your internal specialists with a security audit mission, odds are it won’t be enough.

We guarantee a comprehensive analysis of your cybersecurity as well as your entire IT environment. We will provide:

  • Extensive monitoring.
  • Full analysis of your digital systems.
  • Search for possible vulnerabilities and security cracks.
  • Work with your personnel to identify their level of alertness.

After the audit is complete, we’ll provide detailed reviews and reports, showing you which changes need to be introduced asap. 

And of course, we can help you testify that your company is protected enough to get an information security standard: SOC, ISO, NIST, FIPS.  

When is it best to have a Security Audit?

Such an audit takes time and resources to conduct. So, you can’t have them on a monthly basis, of course.

It’s recommended that you have a security audit once/twice a year. And if your enterprise is pretty big — more than 1,000 employees — a quarterly security audit would an ideal decision. 

We at E-discover value your security and convenience. Contact us right now and have your business shielded from any threat possible! 

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