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Penetration Testing

Find the breaches in your security & detect weaknesses of your staff

What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing is a method to discover possible vulnerabilities in the computer network, digital systems and web applications that your company uses.

Penetration testing is basically like a lab version of hacking. Only it’s not harmful. On the contrary: it helps reveal the probable weak spots that your security systems might have. Hence, its other name ethical hacking

What types of Penetration Testing?

Network And System Pen Test

To test your network, we collect data from the network interfaces: user interface (UI), application programming interfaces (API), and so on. This helps us detect any possible entry points that a hacker/attacker might exploit to steal your data or take down your website.

Mobile Application Pen Test

Here we employ a whole arsenal of tactics and tools. We use utilities like Cydia, Wireshark or Appcrack to penetrate the application, bombard the servers and network with attacks, try to create backdoors, perform binary/file level analysis, and so on. 

Web Application Pen Test

This stage also requires specific tools and approaches. To make sure that your web apps are unbreachable, we utilize:

  • Fingerprinting. It gives us extensive info on the servers, their OS, active processes, programming languages, etc.
  • Network scanning. A utility like Shodan reveals public info about your web app: open ports, geographic location, etc.
  • Head and Option. We generate and analyze HTTP responses from your servers and other valuable data, etc.

Why is Penetration Testing important?

As we’ve said, it helps detect breaches and cracks in your digital environment. It also helps to:

  • Measure the security compliance of your company
  • Learn how aware and ready your personnel is to respond to such threats
  • Assess the company’s overall security state and prepare a procedure package to boost it if necessary

Reports delivered by a pen test also help your company prioritize the budget and investments necessary for architecting a security system. So, if your enterprise needs one to be built from scratch — penetration testing is your best call. 

Besides, it is an invaluable tool to attest the awareness level of your staff: can they respond adequately to a threat? Can they detect it? Do they need additional training? A pen test answers all of these questions.

How is Penetration Testing conducted?

  1. Researching. In this stage, we gather all info available about your company. We study specifics of your business, which frameworks, templates, e-money systems, web apps your company utilizes, etc. This comprehensive approach allows learning where to expect possible threats from. 
  2. Inspecting. We “fiddle” with your systems first-hand. It includes controlled DDoS-ing, searching for open ports, and so on. These procedures are absolutely safe.
  3. Penetrating. We penetrate your security systems. Even gaining simple user access is already a major red flag. We carefully record every successful instance of hacking.
  4. Taking root. While pretending to be e-criminals, we do everything to stay inside the system for as long as we can. This stage also involves installing imitated “malware”.
  5. Reporting. When we know what we need, we file a detailed report on weakness and breaches that we found in your security system.

What you need is a guaranteed security of your business. And we can provide this. Contact us and together we’ll find an affordable solution for your enterprise right away!

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