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Background Check

We will make sure that you won’t hire suspicious employees

What is Background Check?

If you want to take your human resources department to the next level, you simply won’t do without background check services. Besides, it is radically important if you want to boost your company’s security and quality of your staff.

The service “scans” the following backgrounds:

  • Previous work. You can learn about the previous employment of your soon-to-be worker, learn if their CV is true or not, as well as request recommendations from their previous employers/mentors.
  • Criminal record. If your business is especially sensitive in terms of security, you might want to know if your job applicants have had any problems with the law before you can hire them.
  • International. This includes the travel history to other counties, possible overseas work experience, internships, studies, and so on.
  • Healthcare sanctions. This type of background is necessary for medical institutions. You can learn about possible penalties, patient abuse, neglect, medicare fraud, drug abuse, illegal dispensing of controlled substances, and so on.
  • Credit. This provides a full insight into the credit history, reveals possible tax evasion, filing for bankruptcy, and so on.

Besides, we provide polygraph services. It is also known as a “lie detector test”. We’ll conduct an interview with a set of questions that you will prepare in advance.

This test is perfect if your company’s security policy is especially strict.

Why is Background Check important?

You can’t run a successful business if you can’t trust your staff. Just as a modern company needs to know their client, they also need to know their workers.

Actually knowing the people that you hire sets you free from a whole caboodle of risks:

  • Corporate espionage. Knowing their background, you can avoid intellectual property theft. (Which has been a rising international issue since 2019 according to the Diplomat).
  • Theft. Theft, embezzlement and fraud — this is a typical behavior you could expect from a person who’ve had multiple problems with the law in the past. Their dismissal history can also say a lot about their moral and work ethics.
  • Lies. Dishonest job applicants can lie on their CV or boast about degrees/experience they never had to increase the chances to get a job. It also helps to detect fake diploma.

As you can see, your business can benefit a lot from the background check.

What tools do we use?

We employ various databases to learn about the person’s past: criminal record, previous jobs, education, active/revoked licenses, credit history, and so on.

To make things go faster, we also utilize premium services that help us learn additional info and even “surprising details” about a person in question.

Polygraph serves like a cherry on top in our investigations. Using all these tools, you can make a final decision on hiring/rejecting a person or get their detailed psychological portrait. Understanding a personality is everything in HR.

We at E-discovery value your convenience and security above all else. We’ll launch a full-scale investigation to make sure that your company hires the right people only.

Contact us today and together we’ll protect your enterprise on every front!

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