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Digital Forensics

We can help you gather cyber evidence

What is Digital Forensics? 

Digital forensics is basically a process, during which digital evidence is:

  • Collected
  • Classified
  • Analyzed
  • Preserved to be presented to the authorities

Should a certain crisis occur — massive data leakage, hacking, website collapsing, and so on — a team of specialists comes to investigate the mishap.

Metaphorically speaking, all the hardware that is in possession of your company, is a like a crime scene. We make sure that not a single clue or piece of evidence is lost, deleted or destroyed. (Unintentionally or deliberately).

The data that is collected, can be used for various purposes. Mostly, it serves as evidence in the court, should your company face a lawsuit or track down a criminal.

Which steps do Digital Forensics include?

So, once a breach took place, here’s what we do step by step:

  1. Identification. We find every possible place — hard drives, USBs, servers — where the evidence can be stored.
  2. Preserving. We carefully extract and preserve the data, making protected copies just in case. This prevents criminals from messing with it.
  3. Analyzing. We analyze what we’ve found and provide a full report.

4. Recreation. In this stage, we document data and describe how the crime had taken place.

5. Conclusion. This includes a summary and also security recommendations.

These steps allow us to figure out how and when an e-crime happened. In some cases, this info can help you track down the perpetrator. (If they were negligible about masking their identity online).

Why do you need Digital Forensics? 

The primary purpose of digital forensics is to help you collect evidence that can be used in the court — hence its name.

If your company will be dragged into some legal disputes, with our help you can successfully contest them.

In some cases, digital forensics can help you identify the e-villains or negligible/malevolent workers who can be directly responsible for the crisis. In this scenario, evidence provided by us will help you press charges and restore justice.

When do you need It?

Should a hack or breach occur, you need to respond asap. Although digital data basically has no expiration date, it can be tempered with: stolen, deleted, physically destroyed or even remotely altered. 

Our incident response is immediate. Once we get access to your system, it’s virtually impossible to conceal clues.

Our team of computer forensic investigators will figure out how perpetrators accessed your network, what they did to it exactly, which data was compromised and also detect any malware they could’ve left as a “bonus”.    

All this info will help you fix breaches and holes in your cybersecurity and provide an accurate public report about the intrusion. 

Which tools do we use?

At E-discovery we employ only certified utilities for the job. Among them, you will find such tools as:

  • FTK Manager. It helps us to capture the forensic images of a gadget’s system.
  • The Sleuth Kit (TSK). This kit extracts data from the digital systems.
  • Hex Editor Neo. It’s a great analysis tool that helps us dig through gigabytes and terabytes of data.

Our arsenal includes more tools, however, With it, we won’t just do a quick investigation, but also remove malware and do some analyzing, so you know which measures to take to avoid breaches in the future.

Contact E-discovery if you’ve experienced a system breach asap. There’s no time to lose.

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