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Phishing Simulation

We’ll teach your personnel to quickly detect phishing attacks

What is Phishing Simulation?

Phishing simulation is a training technique. It allows teaching your staff how to identify a phishing attack and take appropriate measures to prevent it.

It combines two phases:

  • Phishing testing. Basically, we send your employees some phishing emails. Don’t worry, they are fake and produce no physical harm if activated.
  • Phishing training. We examine how your employees react. It helps us to assess their awareness/competence level and draw necessary conclusions. Based on this data, we provide training that they need.

By the end of the program, your staff will be ready to deal with the phishing threat on their own.

Why do you need Phishing Simulation?

According to Security Boulevard, 85% of all companies were hit with the fishing attacks in 2020. And what’s even worse, 97% of users can’t recognize a phishing email. It’s just 3% of workers who can spot and report a phishing e-letter.

Odds are, your company will be or already has been attacked. And such an attack can result into:

  • Breaches and hacks. With a phishing email, perpetrators can access your system and produce serious/irreparable damage.
  • Losses. A compromised company can face multiple losses. First, it will naturally turn away your customers from you. Second, your company may deal with the considerable regulatory fines — British Airways are one of the examples.   
  • Damaged reputation. It may take you a lot of time to redeem your reputation. And, as you know, reputation equals money.
  • Lowered value. As practice shows, breaches and hacks scare away investors too. If your company depends on its stock share value, there’s a chance it will nose down.

As you can see, a simple email can turn into a real disaster. But with our help, you can avoid all these nightmares.

Is your company really at risk?

Unfortunately, it is. As we’ve said, the majority of companies in America — as well as worldwide — will face a phishing attack at some point.

E-criminals never stop devising new tactics and experimenting. Scammy emails are textbook phishing tricks. But they also can unleash a phishing attack through a chat.

Your company has multiple channels — Telegram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and so on. All of them can be used to send a phishing message, artfully disguised as a normal, non-threatening message. But you know what will follow afterward.

What’s Best to Do

Contact E-discovery, and we’ll offer you a quick solution. Here are the benefits of working with us:

  • Time. We realize that you can’t lose time. Therefore, it takes us just minutes to deploy our system to produce simulated attacks.
  • Know-hows. We know everything about cybercrime technologies. We have the best phishing message templates: password reset, fake lottery and promotion letters and other typical scam emails.
  • Disguise. With our customization tools we’ll perfectly mimic letters and landing pages that your staff will mistake for the real ones.
  • Training. We’ll teach your workers how to avoid getting phished.

We understand that there’s no time to waste. So, contact us now, and together we’ll make your company an impenetrable cybersecurity bastion!

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