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Corporate Investigations

We can prevent potential insider threats for your company

What is a Corporate Investigation?

A corporate investigation is a comprehensive measure, which helps you avoid threats from within. Unfortunately, unscrupulous workers are a source of problems and issues that sometimes can result in something that will affect your company gravely.

A corporate investigation includes:

  • Interviews. We collect and asses information received from your workers. It helps us get a better picture of what might be going on and track down a potential perpetrator.
  • Computer forensics. We extract, preserve and carefully analyze data from your computers, servers, online service accounts, and so on. 
  • Forensic accounting. We study your company’s bookkeeping to detect possible embezzlement, money theft, money laundering and other shady activities that could be happening behind your back.
  • Risk analysis. We gather all info possible and in cooperation with legal, cybersecurity and other specialists figure out possible risks and threats that could compromise your company in the future.

You don’t need a private investigator for such a job. Today’s methods of corporate investigation require an all-around, subtle and sophisticated approach. And this is what E-discovery can deliver.  

Why do you need Corporate Investigation?

Dishonest employees can be a source of serious problems. A recent example took place at EA Games: one of the staff members was selling premium items at a much cheaper price, which was revealed by gamers and triggered massive outrage among fans.

So, here’s how much employees can damage your company:

  • Theft. It’s a common and prosaic crime. Employees can steal anything: from office supplies to pretty expensive devices, increasing overall costs of your company.
  • Espionage. Corporate espionage is another reason, why you need an investigation team. This puts in danger your intellectual property. On ten national level billions are lost due to this, according to FBI.
  • Fraud. Sometimes, dishonest employees can sell services/goods and pocket the money or provide incomplete services to the unsuspecting customers. We can reveal if such activities took place.
  • Inside jobs. At times, a crooked employee can play a role of a “mole”. This includes not just spying on your company from the inside, but also actively sabotaging your progress by various means and ways.

Besides, your company can be dealing with cybercrimes. If your enterprise is constantly under cyberattacks — phishing, hacking attempts, DDoS-ing — it could be a dirty tactic employed by your rivals. There’s a chance we can identify who it is.

There can be much more instances of foul play. But thanks to our many-year experience, fail-safe techniques and top-notch technologies, we can tackle any type of corporate crime.

Is it effective?

Corporate investigation is the only effective remedy against an inside job. We will track down the perps, prevent damages and losses, protect your public reputation and consult you on legal issues if necessary.

If you suspect some employees could be damaging your company, contact us asps, and we’ll put a stop to this. With our expertise, it will be quick and effective.

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