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Crypto Messenger

Chat with colleagues and friends using the new secure messenger! Your secrets and secrets will never go beyond this messenger.

What is Crypto Messenger?

Crypto Messenger is a communication platform. It allows you to maintain a workflow, interact with different team members. The high degree of security distinguishes it from the most popular instant messengers. The messenger has a large number of useful functions and tools that make communication even easier and more convenient, as well as effective. Crypto Messenger makes communication easier.

Why Choose Crypto Messenger?

Crypto Messenger is secure, сomfortable, accessible. It has many advantages:

  1. High degree of security.
  2. There is great growth potential, the application is adapted to the needs and desires of modern users.
  3. Works very quickly – all information reaches the interlocutors in seconds. Media files are also downloaded instantly.
  4. Suitable for any operating system – even older versions.

Security and usability are at the heart of Crypto Messenger. The creators of the application use powerful data encryption algorithms so that the personal information of users does not fall into the wrong hands and is not used for blackmail and extortion. The user’s personal data can only pass into the hands of fraudsters if he himself discloses it to the cybercriminals. That is why it is not recommended to transfer data to enter the messenger to strangers. Since the launch of the application, there has not been a single complaint about hacks and data theft.

The high functionality of the application
The messenger is a high-quality and user-friendly application. It has a simple and accessible interface that even inexperienced users can figure out. It also makes communication easier. A wide range of functions provides users with great opportunities and a high level of comfort in communication. The user can confidently share personal information, while their data will always be safe.

App update
Nothing stands still, including technology. New devices and new opportunities appear every day. The app is updated regularly. This guarantees its maximum efficiency.

High speed of work
The application has a high speed of work. With a good Internet connection, information in a matter of seconds is loaded into a dialogue window and sent to the interlocutor. Media files are sent without loss of picture and sound quality.

What features does Crypto Messenger have?

Crypto Messenger is a new perspective on communication. The app promises increased security. You don’t need to create an account here.

Each user can choose appropriate keys for him, and subsequently, change them as many times as he wants. You can also choose the size of the keys yourself. They can be viewed in Base64 format. The key exchange is also highly secured using the RSA algorithm.

This messenger guarantees anonymity – if necessary, by pressing just one button, you can erase all data, messages, and other traces of being on the platform.
It is easy to invite friends and acquaintances, business partners to the platform – just send them your QR code.

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