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Fraud Protection

We’ll safeguard your business from fraud attempts

What is Fraud Protection?

In simple terms, fraud protection is a comprehensive strategy, which protects your company from scammers on all fronts: financial, digital, inside front, and so forth.

It’s especially important today when a business moves to the online space. E-commerce is vulnerable to various types of fraud that are either well-organized and conducted by professional criminals or are more sporadic and comes from dishonest customers.

What types of Fraud you may face?

It depends on what kind of business you run, of course. But there are typical strategies that scammers use:

  • Cyberattacks. Phishing is among common cyber schemes. It includes emails, chat messages and URL-links that are disguised to be “normal”: a password reset instruction, etc. Upon activation, they can produce serious harm: sensitive data getting stolen, and so on.
  • Vishing. Criminals call your employees and use manipulative techniques to trick them into transferring money, revealing corporate confidential info, etc.
  • Chargebacks. E-commerce is fighting false chargebacks a lot these days. The trick is that a customer claims a refund while also keeping an item they bought online.
  • Charity. Your business can be tricked into donating to a fake charity foundation.

These are just a few of the examples and scammers keep on devising new ones. For example, frauds related to Covid-19 have been extremely popular recently. 

What we’ll do to Protect you?

We employ a versatile approach to keep fraudsters at bay. It includes safeguarding finances, your digital environment, training your staff, and so on.

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Bank Monitoring. We’ll integrate various measures to protect your corporate bank account. For example, you can set a limit of bank checks to be verified daily. If this limit is exceeded, a review will follow.
  • KYC. It stands for Know Your Client. We utilize AI algorithms that let us monitor and process deals, purchases and orders in just a few seconds. The system can assess if something’s fishy about a certain deal and redirect it to your employee who will decide to accept/reject servicing a suspicious client.
  • AML. This means anti-money laundering. It’s another set of algorithms, which detects suspicious transactions and puts them on halt to prevent money-laundering going through your company. It’s especially useful for banks and other financial companies.
  • Phishing simulation. We’ll train your staff to recognize and report phishing attacks. A simple measure, it can save your reputation and money.

And there are more protection techniques: ACH debit block, and so forth. We’ll build a solid wall of protection and turn your company into a real fortress.

How big is the risk?

As practice shows, corporate fraud is on the rise. And it won’t stop growing/evolving any time soon. Our advanced technology, however, will keep your company safe.

False chargebacks, money laundering, phishing attacks — we know how to prevent all of them. And we’ll be glad to provide our services, as well as share our expert knowledge on how to detect and deal with them.

Contact us right now and have your enterprise protected. Fraudsters might be already after you.

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