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How to test my computer security?

The question of how to check your computer for viruses online is very popular among novice users. The main thing to know is that performing a full scan of all files on your computer somewhere on the Internet will not work, because then you would need to upload the entire contents of your PC or laptop to this website. But you can:

  • Check for viruses and malware individual programs and other files completely online by downloading them to special services.
  • Download a special anti-virus firewall, which is often called “online scanner”, but works directly on your computer, and uses an online anti-virus database (which can also be downloaded to your computer). As a rule, they do not conflict with already installed anti-viruses and other vulnerability checker tools.

IT security, cyber security, or internet security testing: all these terms go in the same direction, but there are subtle differences. IT security or IT security is commonly defined as the protection of IT systems from damage and threats. This extends from individual files to computers, networks, cloud services, and even entire data centers.

Cyber security safety extends IT security to the entire cyberspace. Because most systems today are connected to the Internet, IT security and cyber security are often equated. IT security and cyber security encompass all technical and organizational measures to protect systems from cyber attacks and other threats.


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    What impact does an attack have on my information?

    If the availability, confidentiality, or integrity of information is compromised, this can have serious consequences. For example, a malicious attack can put confidential data in the wrong hands – be it personal data or company secrets. Hackers can use it for industrial espionage, steal people’s identities, misuse credit card information, and much more. If data is manipulated, this leads, for example, to incorrect bookings, errors in production, or false analysis results. Even if test data is not available, this impairs business processes that rely on the processing of the data. For example, websites orders cannot be placed or production machines come to a standstill.

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