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Protecting Your Phone Against Pegasus Spyware

Learn about Pegasus spy software and find out how to protect mobile phones against it. See our essential tips on how to do this effectively.

How to Protect Your Phone from Pegasus Spyware?

We live in the era of advanced technology. Although it is very convenient for working processes and communication, we can never feel protected against surveillance and outside intrusions. Pegasus spyware that infects even secure iOS devices is an obvious proof of this statement. This is a malware virus program that has been developed in Israel by the NSO Group company that sells it to both governmental and private organizations. People in about 45 countries of the world have already been affected by it. That is why it is important to know what the Pegasus virus is and how to protect your phone from spyware.


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    Pegasus Virus Prevention and Removal

    A lot of people believe that their iOS Apple devices are more reliably protected than Android phones. But this is not true anymore. There are both Android and iOS Pegasus spyware versions. Moreover, iOS Pegasus is even easier to catch. Let us explain more.

    Android vs. iOS Vulnerability

    The misconception about a higher level of protection against spyware on iPhones comes from Apple’s strict policies on code control and the original apps that are offered via the App Store. Apple also monitors all the updates that appear to adapt the apps to the users’ needs. The security is also improved by the automatic installation of the latest iOS versions. Of course, developing iOS apps takes more time and effort but the fact that a lot of devices use the same protocols makes the task easier for malware developers. 

    On the other hand, Android uses an open-source approach to its development. That is why Pegasus spyware for Android can be adapted easily to the operating system. Moreover, Android devices are available in a lot of different versions which makes them more vulnerable and insecure. However, this diversity also creates the need for hackers to develop different malicious viruses on Android for each version.

    How to Protect Your Mobile Phone from Pegasus Spyware?

    Phone spyware removal is always a much more complicated process than the protection measures you can take to avoid it. There are some simple steps you can take to diminish the potential risks and protect your phone not only from Pegasus but from other types of malware as well.

    1. Never open links that come from unknown or distrusted contacts. Pegasus iOS can be installed through an iMessage link. This technique is commonly used by most cybercriminals. Be also careful about email links and links received via other messaging apps.
    2. Always update your device with the latest upgrades and patches. Android devices may not get notifications about updates but you can look for them yourself if you don’t want to bother with Pegasus spyware removal from Android soon.
    3. Physical access to your phone should be restricted. Use any method of protection, such as PIN, face-locking, or finger-locking, available for your device.
    4. Try to use your phone in public places as little as possible. This is very important if you need to work with sensitive information. VPN use makes sense in such cases.
    5. All your device data should be reliably encrypted. Install am app that will allow you yo wipe your phone remotely if your phone is lost to make sure that the important data will remain safe if that happens.

    Pegasus Spyware Removal from iOS and Android

    If you have suspect that Pegasus spyware has infected your iOS or Android phone, you need to figure out how to remove it. The problem is that free iPhone spyware removal is not available yet. That is why constantly updating your iPhone software is the only method against further Pegasus and other malware attacks.

    On the other hand, there are many free malware removal programs for Android. You can install such software and feel more confident.

    All in all, whether it is the Pegasus virus or some other type of malware, we need to be careful and not allow any sensitive data to leak either via the internet or your mobile deive. There is one more tip here – never store any important information on your phone and you will always be protected.


    Why can’t encryption stop Pegasus spyware?

    Encryption works only when data is transmitted from the sender to the recipient. However, it does not work against ‘endpoint’ threats that target endpoints of communication. Pegasus is developed to decode messages that land on a targeted device and read them.

    Who can protect my privacy against the Pegasus virus?

    Apart from your own efforts that may be quite rewarding, Google and Apple can protect your phone against Pegasus intrusion by developing and improving their security systems for smartphones. Cloud-computing companies such as Microsoft or Amazon Web Services, can also contribute to protection against Pegasus. 

    How can I know that my phone was hacked by Pegasus?

    Unfortunately, you may never know it. This malware has been developed to remain hidden and cover its traces as efficiently as possible. Detection systems do exist but they are rather costly and complicated. So, the first thing you can do is follow the safety rules.

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