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Red Teaming companies: what exactly do they do

A Red Team performs security and penetration testing from the perspective of real attackers. It consists of an independent group of qualified security experts with attacker expertise. The opponent of the Red Team is the Blue Team. The Blue Team gathers an organization's internal IT experts who are responsible for the security of IT systems and are supposed to defend against cyber attacks.

Red Teaming is a term used in the IT security field. Red Teams attempt to obtain sensitive data or penetrate IT systems and networks. Companies hire a Red Team to test security and defenses and identify potential vulnerabilities. From the results of a Red Team penetration test, measures can be derived to improve companies' IT security.

The redteam is made up of independent security experts. They have specific expertise in various security-related topics and are equipped with qualified attacker tools. Red Team attacks do not cause any actual damage, as no real malware is activated and data accesses are not exploited for unauthorized actions.

The goal of Red Team attacks is to test security-relevant processes, employees, and technologies under realistic attack scenarios. A Blue Team usually acts as a real or virtual adversary to the Red Team.

People on the team are security experts, system administrators, network specialists, programmers or protocol specialists. Often, Red Teams also include former or active hackers who use their knowledge for security services. The Red Team usually organizes itself and acts with a high degree of autonomy and flexibility.

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