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Web server security audit

Many IT security companies offer customized pentests to check your systems or software for security holes and logic errors. Afterward, you will receive a detailed report on the state of your systems. These measures can significantly increase the security of your IT environment and significantly reduce the likelihood of your company falling victim to an attack.

Attacks on websites

Every website is constantly exposed to a variety of attacks – from automatic programs that scan the net for vulnerable pages, from customers who try to manipulate the system in order to be able to order “for free” to professional hackers who are targeting your customer data or internal information.

Sufficient protection against such attacks can only be achieved by a serious design of the web and mobile application and a secure configuration of the web servers.

Web Scan

During a web scan, your website and infrastructure are checked using automated tools. Based on the results, the necessary measures to optimize security can be determined.

Penetration Test

How does software or hardware react to an external attack? To find out exactly, you need a pentest.

A penetration test is an attempt to penetrate your infrastructure as quickly and deeply as possible – using the same means and methods that an external hacker would use. The insights gained can directly reveal defensive measures or form the basis for a subsequent comprehensive security audits.

There are three forms of pentests that can be performed:

The blackbox test: here the expert usually only knows an IP address and does not know which systems are behind it. This method is the most realistic, as a hacker usually has little to no information at the beginning of an attack.

The whitebox test: In this case, the expert receives any information about a system in advance. This allows for very accurate and targeted testing.

The graybox test is a mixture of the two variants already mentioned. Here the expert knows some information from the system to be tested.

Pentests are indispensable in today’s world. Especially with programs that have been developed in-house, errors creep in again and again, which in the worst case can lead to the system being taken over by a hacker.

Security audit

Auditing of the configuration and web application by experts provides you with an overview of the current state of your website – and valuable information for any necessary adjustments.

In 80% of all e-commerce websites tested by us, we find confidential information during penetration tests (customer data, orders, addresses, source code of scripts, etc.) or gain access to non-public areas (intranet, administration area store, or databases, etc.).

Whenever confidential data (customer data, business data, intranet, e-commerce) is involved in a web presence it is better to check and ensure the security of this data before a hacker finds a way to the data.

Why is it important to regularly check servers?

The configuration of servers should be regularly checked by experts. Standard configurations are usually not designed for security, but for broad compatibility. Small details such as active “directory listing” (displaying folder contents when no index page is stored) on web servers can be decisive here.

We perform comprehensive checks of your web server infrastructure as well as your website including web-based applications and databases.

After the check, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing any discrepancies and, if necessary, recommendations for improving the security of your infrastructure.

All tests are of course performed in strict confidence.

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