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Why cybersecurity penetration testing is needed

A penetration test or pentest for short is a comprehensive security test for computers and networks. Pen-tester uses exactly the same means and methods that hackers would use in an attack from the outside if there is no authorization. The goal of the pentest is therefore to determine the sensitivity of a computer or network to hacker attacks from the outside. The type of test is based on the threat potential of the system.

Penetration tests have long been known as security tools that reveal vulnerabilities through simulated attacks on a company’s IT environment. The results from such tests can help prioritize vulnerabilities and create a roadmap for remediating the points of attack.

Stages of pen test

What is the usual process? The penetration test is carried out in five phases when testing computers and networks. These include the preparation phase, the information-gathering phase, the assessment, the penetration attempt, and the reporting. The penetration test should only be carried out by proper IT specialists. Due to the use of different software products or tools by amateur testers, systems can be damaged if not handled properly.

Why do you need it?

One hundred percent protection against cyberattacks no longer exists. Instead, it is about strengthening defense against cyberattacks in order to keep the consequences as low as possible in the event of an attack and to be able to resume regular operations as quickly as possible. It ensures security and a structured approach through a predefined catalog of measures.

Technical measures are important components of cyber protection (for example, backups, emergency communication plans, a critical and regular analysis of security vulnerabilities, redundant systems with double protection, a self-sufficient power supply) to ensure that business operations are not interrupted in the event of an attack or at least that they can be restarted quickly. However, pentesting for possible cyberattacks is at least as important. These tests and also the consistent reaction in the event of a cyber-attack should be defined as initial measures in every company.


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